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Our products are created from turning creative thoughts and ideas into innovative solutions. This is achieved by combining data, technology and innovation.


Real-time AI cognitive news alerts and monitoring.

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Digital strategy and location intelligence

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Geonation owns various trademarks, copyright and a broad range of intellectual property.

We also have a vast range of ideas and concepts in the process of being turned into innovative solutions.

This includes 'flop flips' and 'rip flops' amongst many other products in the pipeline.

Most ideas remain simply as concepts. Anything is possible with the appropriate resources and a great plan.

Innovation is universal

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Financial Services

The value of a business or organisation in modern times is generally determined by its data.

Control of your data provides the ability to report, integrate, manipulate and analyse core assets. Regulatory reporting becomes easier, as well as the ability to unify data from multiple systems.

Your data is your business. It is the enabler of opportunity.


Insurance and Reinsurance

The insurance industry is reliant on linking data from underwriting and syndicate systems into customer systems. The integration of policy and submission data with contacts, leads and accounts is vital for any smooth flow of information. Report and data structures need to be optimised for any efficient insurance or re-insurance business to prosper.



Asset information needs to be structured using uniform and recognised frameworks to create a smooth running contractual system. Ontologies and data classification systems embrace data models and metadata management in asset systems. Web services and APIs help integrate the data architecture to reach a target data model.

Digital twin models are only achievable with the correct use of BIM and reliable data structures.

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