Biopharma Should Start Small to Benefit Most from Digital Twins

Digital twin (DT) models of processes are a path to efficient drug production as long as industry has the right data capture and analysis tools, according to a new study in which author Krist Gernaey, PhD, professor, and colleagues at the Technical University of Denmark looked at how in-process data can be used to create digital models of production processes.

The key to successful use of a digital twin is to establish a feedback system where information from the model is used to optimize the process, notes Gernaey.

“The main benefit of a digital twin is the fact that it should allow you to create value from data collected on the process, especially the on-line data,” he says. “We make a difference between a digital shadow and a DT. A digital shadow of a process receives data from the process and generates new data through calculations made with these data, but there is no feedback to the process………….

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