Digital twin to build UK continental shelf ‘Smart Energy Basin’

Scotland’s Net Zero Technology Centre’s (NZTC) ‘Smart Energy Basin’ is to be built with digital platform developer FutureOn’s ‘FieldTwin’ digital twin software.

The Smart Energy Basin, part of the Centre’s Data 4 Net Zero (D4NZ) project, is aimed to create a digital copy of the entire UK continental shelf energy basin as a resource for the energy sector to enable enhanced decision making and provide increased visibility and streamlined operations as the industry progresses towards net zero targets.

FutureOn intends to donate the licenses for its platform so those involved in the project can start to develop and combine data science, visualisation and modelling tools to create the Smart Energy Basin.

Specifically in collaboration with partners including the National Subsea Centre and Robert Gordon University, FutureOn intends to support two key work packages as part of the D4NZ project, viz the Future Energy Tool and the Marine Environment Industrial Planning Application.

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