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Enabled by advance in technology and inspired by a range of financial drivers, asset data exchange is being developed for energy.


Designing, planning, constructing and maintaining a building are tasks that involve multiple stakeholders each having their own interpretations and requirements for the common dataset. Furthermore, each stakeholder consumes, processes and manipulates information about the building during it's full life cycle.

Several industries have interfaces to the construction industry and buildings in particular without this being their main industry. As there is often a need to describe some sensor, product, device in the context of the building in which it sits and as the building is itself also a feature of interest in the context of a smart city, there is a demand for a minimal, extendable ontology that describes anything in its context of a building.

The Building Topology Ontology (BOT) is a minimal OWL DL [owl2-primer] ontology for defining relationships between the sub-components of a building. It was suggested as an extensible baseline for use along with more domain specific ontologies following general W3C principles of encouraging reuse and keeping the schema no more complex than necessary.


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