Europe’s Place In The Global AI Race

History is a good predictor of the future.  In the Eighteenth Century the industrial revolution led to technological, socio-economic and cultural changes that eventually transformed not just our quality of life, but also our expectations from life.  The early adopters of technological change have compounded their progress ever since, and the earliest industrialized nations continue to hold substantial wealth per capita.

Today the world stands at the precipice of a technological revolution that has the same potential to shape entire economies for centuries to come.  Artificial intelligence has the potential to bring unprecedented improvements and efficiencies into every segment of economic activity, creating compounding new advantages for its early adopters.

The precise future value of the global AI economy is uncertain.  Management consulting firm McKinsey thinks that AI will deliver $13 trillion of economic activity by 2030. AI-investor Tej Kohli* has proposed that the global AI economy could eventually be worth $150 trillion.  What is certain is that the prize is substantial.  And because of this, competition to lead the AI revolution is fierce. ………

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