New project aims to revolutionize stroke treatment with digital twins

It sounds like something from a science fiction film. Assessing the best treatment for a patient with a cerebral infarction or cerebral hemorrhage by performing the procedure on their digital twin. If it’s up to researchers at Amsterdam UMC, this will be reality in six years. They’ve received a Horizon grant worth 10 million euros from the European Commission to to lead 19 partners in making this a reality.

For years, researchers have been using computers to simulate card designs and airplane flights. Max Verstappen steps into a simulator before he enters his real Formula 1 car and Henk Marquering, Professor of Translational Artificial Intelligence at Amsterdam UMC, wants to bring these simulators to the field of medicine. “Strangely enough, computer simulations in our work are far from the norm, despite having the potential to be an incredibly valuable tool. With this project, we want to first test the treatment for individual stroke patients on a digital twin. The doctors can see in the simulation which treatment works and which doesn’t,” he says…..

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