What human doctors do that AI can’t — at least, not yet

Emergency room physician Avir Mitra first encountered Artificial Intelligence at his hospital in New York City, in a CT scan of a patient.

“I see the image looks OK, and then at the bottom it says, ‘This was an AI read, this is an AI interpretation, and will be verified by a radiologist like tomorrow,’ or something like that,” Mitra said. “I was like,’Wait, what?’”

Not only are intelligent machines already here, they sign their work.

“That’s apparently what we’re doing now at the hospital, some of our head CT reads are coming back through AI, and that definitely scared me,” Mitra said. “Every time I get one of these reads, I definitely go and look at the image myself, double-check the AI.”

The thing is, though, human double-check after human double-check, he’s never found a machine mistake.

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