With digital twins, AI transforms the relationship between celebrities and fans

“Hey, I’m Digital Mark, Mark Tuan’s much better looking digital twin. Nah, I’m just joking.” This is how this avatar, which any fan of the American singer Mark Tuan would recognize instantly, introduces itself. In addition to the similarity with the real Mark’s face, the resemblance to his voice is also evident. However, it is the fact that you can have a conversation with him that is probably most striking. This — along with other digital twins from the world of entertainment and sports — is the creation of Soul Machines, a New Zealand company that uses artificial intelligence to make digital people. The Mark Tuan twin is one of their latest projects, but it is hardly the only one; they have also developed digital doppelgängers of boxer Francis Ngannou, former NBA basketball player Carmelo Anthony and golf legend Jack Nicklaus (his twin, however, is a replica of his 38-year-old self, a request made by the golfer himself, who is currently 83)…………………………


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